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Online Food Ordering

The Stock Ordering system provides a bullet-proof online food ordering solution. Watch your food costs improve as the food cost calculator goes to work – only the best priced supplier are selected to buy from. You will never see two invoices again from different suppliers for the same item with different costs! Just by entering in your quoted prices, your Order Sheets will be populated only to the supplier with the best price quoted. This system also then allows you to set stock levels for each purchase, so it becomes near on impossible to over order and have food wasting away or accumulating in your dry store.

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Menu Costing

The Menu Costing system allows you to enter in your menu items and fine tune each meal to make them more profitable. With Menu Costing, you can provide your team with an ingredient list for each meal which means your food will become more consistent and also set alerts should individual meals move outside of your desired margins. Your restaurant will become more profitable before you buy, and as you prepare each meal!

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