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Online Food Ordering

Online Food Ordering

The Stock Ordering system provides a bullet-proof online food ordering solution. Watch your food costs improve as the food cost

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Menu Costing

Menu Costing

The Menu Costing system allows you to enter in your menu items and fine tune each meal to make them

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Setting up Stock Items:

Watch how quick and easy it is to add a new Stock Items to Hospitality Genie. Within seconds new items can be added to your order forms or emails and par stock levels set so your team cannot over order. You can add different size stock items from different suppliers, and the genie will make the purchasing decisions for you. Do it from your office and it is live onsite for your chef’s.

Setting up Stock Items

Setting up Ingredients:

Ingredients are used for two main purposes. Initially, they help Hospitality Genie work out which size of the same product is cheaper i.e.: a 3kg or 4kg pack of nachos, this saves you doing the math. Also, we use Ingredient linking to help cost out your menus. The true cost of putting a meal on a plate will have you wondering where your margins are going to?

Setting up Ingredients

Printing Order Sheets:

No more random phone calls to suppliers at the end of a shift! You can now print out a clear and concise Order Sheet with all supplier details including phone & fax numbers as well as delivery days. Each order form also has par stock levels clearly printed so your team cannot over order now and cost you money. The only way a stock item can be on a suppliers sheet is if it is the cheapest or if you intentionally override the price.

Printing Order Sheets

Setting up Suppliers:

Have a new supplier? It takes less than a minute to add a new supplier and have Order Sheets generated for them. Just add the critical details such as contact details, delivery days, phone and fax contacts and the Genie will automatically use these details when ordering. You can even set a preferred supplier and give them a tolerance on price comparison.

Setting up Suppliers


Jordan Harris,
Hotel Gosford, Gosford NSW

Josie Morillo,
And the Winner is Oscars, Pokolbin NSW

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